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Why is western Pennsylvania known for machining?

If you were to take a ride through Western Pennsylvania towns, one thing you would notice is a strong manufacturing presence. Pittsburgh, PA and its surrounding counties were a driving force during the Industrial Revolution, as titans of industry such as Carnegie and Frick led the nation in iron and steel production.

Pennsylvania towns such as Braddock, Duquesne, Monessen, Aliquippa, Johnstown, and Latrobe, were known for having thriving steel industries. And while many of these steel mills have since closed or been consolidated, supporting manufacturing services continue to have a stronghold in the region today, especially machining services.

The metalworking industry in Southwestern Pennsylvania is home to some of the nation's top machine shops and most talented machinists. Here you will find multi-generation shops, as well as start-up machine shops that continue to define the future of manufacturing.

About Xcelicut

Located just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Xcelicut is your partner for prototypes, production runs, and all metal and plastic CNC machining needs. As a contract manufacturer, we will take your project from art to part by machining your components to the quality you demand at a price you need to win.

1001 Technology Drive, Suite #1039, Mount Pleasant, PA 15666

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