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Packaged to Perfection - Shipping Machined Components

The importance of packaging perfectly machined parts cannot be taken lightly. A machine shop could spend days, weeks, or months on machining components for a customer order – and now its time to deliver. The hundreds and thousands of dollars spent on these components warrants truly protective and smart packaging.

Even for the in-person deliveries we provide for our customers in the Pittsburgh, PA region, we take our time to properly package finished components as if they are being shipped across the country. That means taking things such as box weight/material, protective packaging, and tape into consideration as machined components can take on an infinite number of weights, shapes, and sizes.

Some customers have strict packaging requirements, and others are more general. Regardless of a customer’s requirements, here are some tips to help with packaging:

· Invest in a variety of box shapes and sizes – We use a 10X10X10 corrugated cardboard box as our standard size box, however we keep a variety of other shapes and sizes stocked for unique components.

· Double up on protective packaging – Don’t skimp on foam wrap or bubbles. The cost for such protective packaging is minuscule compared to the components you are placing in each box.

· Have the right tape – You don’t want to use any old tape when sealing a finished product. Make sure you are using proper shipping tape and you have firmly secured the flaps.

About Xcelicut

Located just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Xcelicut is your partner for prototypes, production runs, and all metal and plastic CNC machining needs. As a contract manufacturer, we will take your project from art to part by machining your components to the quality you demand at a price you need to win.

1001 Technology Drive, Suite #1039, Mount Pleasant, PA 15666

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