Xcelicut was founded on the idea that we can provide exceptional machining services by combining highly skilled people, lean processes, and cutting edge technology.


The team at Xcelicut is passionate about machining the highest quality parts in the most efficient way possible. The drive to always find a better way is embedded in our DNA and part of that is helping our team members grow in their skills as machinists and engineers. Our people will always be our most valuable asset and we know that individual growth for each team member leads to growth for the company. We understand that without highly talented, hard working individuals, we will not be able to provide the the highest level of quality and service to our customers.


A focus on continuous improvement is at the core of our company’s culture. We are constantly searching for ways to reduce waste and streamline our processes. Every work center is arranged in a way to minimize extra effort and allow our team members to execute setups quickly. This reduction in setup time is the key driver in maintaining high spindle utilization throughout our shop. This efficiency allows us to provide you with the lead times and low cost you need to ensure your business is competitive.


At Xcelicut, we utilize the latest CNC technology and simple automation to increase productivity and drive cost reductions. Our shop is equipped with high speed milling and dual spindle turning technologies that allow us to maximize utilization and throughput. Using modern CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software, we are able to program advanced tool paths and employ high efficiency milling techniques to maximize material removal rates and reduce cycle times. 

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