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High Pressure Coolant: Blast away chips and cost

When developing a machining process there are many factors to consider. One often overlooked, but critical piece of the production machining puzzle is coolant delivery. Most machine shops are only utilizing low pressure flood coolant for both milling and turning processes. On a CNC milling machine flood coolant can successfully wash away chips and heat from most toolpaths, but in cases such as deep hole drilling, and deep pocket milling, high pressure, through-tool coolant delivery is a must to flush away chips and ensure the cutting edge remains cool. In a CNC turning operation, high pressure, precision directed coolant is even more important. At the high temperatures created by modern carbide cutting tools, coolant is flash heated near the cutting edge creating a vapor barrier that doesn’t truly allow flood, or even medium pressure coolant streams to reach the actual cutting edge. By utilizing 1,000 psi coolant, delivered through the tool directly at the cutting edge, contract machine shops can pierce this vapor barrier and not only properly cool the edge but also add force that helps break the chip. In a production turning operation, this means longer tool life, greater chip control, and the ability to run unattended. In a contract production environment, all of these lead to reduced cost for the customer.

At Xcelicut, we utilize 1,000 psi high pressure, through tool, and precision coolant in our machining operations to ensure we always give you a quality product at an exceptional value. If you’re looking for a contract machine shop to handle your production machining needs, please reach out to us. We look forward to taking the stress out of your effort to source quality machined parts.

About Xcelicut

Located just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Xcelicut is your partner for prototypes, production runs, and all metal and plastic CNC machining needs. As a contract manufacturer, we will take your project from art to part by machining your components to the quality you demand at a price you need to win.

1001 Technology Drive, Suite #1039, Mount Pleasant, PA 15666

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